Air travel temple

Talhan village in the state of Punjab, India hosts a unique Sikh temple where people come to pray specifically for a visa to go abroad. The gurdwara is 150 years old but only recently became renowned for its ability to bless visa requests. The origins of this story came to light a few years ago when a man came to pray for a visa at the temple. Although it is normal to pray at a temple in times of need, this man also offered to bring a toy airplane if he was successful in his application. Surely enough, four days later he received his visa and dutifully bought a toy airplane as a gift.

Now, many others have followed in his footsteps all offering toy planes usually with the insignia of the specific national airlines of the country they wish to travel to. Many local shops have set up nearby in order to meet the demands. The temple itself donates the planes to children in the community.

The Chilkur Balaji Temple in Telangana is also a temple where thousands of people go to pray to the Visa God.