Bread tags for wheelchairs

A little-known South African program has been delivering on multiple social fronts in recent years to support people with disabilities and the environment. During a long and successful nursing career, Mary Honeybun realised the necessity of wheelchairs in providing essential physical and emotional support to those in need, their carers and that they are often unaffordable for many. To address this, she started ‘Bread Tags for Wheelchairs’ in 2006 by recycling bread tags and selling the proceeds to raise funds for those in need of wheelchairs. By 2008, the foundation had donated its first wheelchair and currently they raise enough funds to provide 75 wheelchairs annually.

The program has also reached the shores of Australia with bread tags here being re-purposed by a company called Transmutation in South Australia into seedling trays, picture frames, door knobs and coat hangers. Due to their size, bread clips can easily fall through machinery at recycling facilities and end up in landfills, our oceans and be ingested by marine life such as whales, turtles, fish and seabirds. This program helps close the cracks inherent in the way we recycle our products and delivers for those in need and the world we live in.


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