Cai Rang Floating Market

In Thailand, a niche of floating markets has opened up for tourists and shoppers alike to have a unique river cruise experience. The Saigon based Cai Rang is one of the more frequented floating markets with tours leaving from 5am until noon however the majority of tours leave by 7am. From Can Tho, the market is about half an hour by boat. Although it can be seen from the road, on the river you can experience the street life from a distinctive vantage point while getting the chance for a closer look at vibrantly painted boats and houses built on stilts.

Markets do stretch down the river with the retailers often swimming towards cruise boats to make a sale. They normally offer a large variety of goods with vegetables such as pineapples, souvenirs and clothing. It is certainly not a day time tour since most vendors will leave by 9am so get there quick to ensure you see more traders than tourists.