Checks-in to pass onto the next world

Moksha or liberation is the hindu concept of liberating the soul from samsara or the cycles of rebirth and death.

Indians believe in attaining Moksha in various ways. A dip in Ganga to wash off your sins, or visiting holy places like Haridwar or Varanasi. It may sound absurd but In Varanasi, the Mukti Bhavan is a hotel one checks into to pass onto the next world.

The owner Bhairav Nath Shukla allows his guests to remain in his hotel for two weeks and a little more in case he thinks they are close to dying. Yet, it is not his customer service skills that are wanted by guests at the hotel. Instead, it is the attainment of Moksha that is said to be achieved when one dies in Varanasi.

Mr Shukla has been the manager for over four decades and claims he can calculate when a person will die. A minimum fees of 20 Indian rupees is charged for those who can pay and is free for the poor.