Culinary Creativity

It can often be difficult to inspire people to give more than expected. It can be even more difficult in a restaurant when one is asked to give up one’s organs. However, the owner of the Alchemist restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark is doing exactly that. After one of his former colleagues lost his sister when she needed an organ donation, he was moved to add a uniquely presented dish to his menu.


To raise awareness of the organ donation issue, he presents a dish which appears to be an organ covered with blood coloured sauce. Indeed, the sauce is also presented within an intravenous drip bag usually found at hospitals. An organ donation form is provided and so far, five hundred guests have already signed up.



Ash tray_z

Rasmus’ cuisine is well known for its innovative design and often includes social messages that tell the customers of his life stories and memories. Another of his dishes is the ‘ashtray’ which looks like its namesake, filled with cigarette butts but is actually king crab, potatoes and hay ash. Its foul image is a clear message against smoking. While still quite young, his creativity may well leave a good taste in your mouth but also a memorable experience in the end.