Digital Detox

We live in a society where technology dominates our modern lifestyle. We are totally reliant on technology for daily communication and entertainment. No wonder technology addiction is changing our behaviour. Many of us cannot even get through the morning commute without the cell phone.

Over stimulating our mental environment can have damaging effects to our healthy mind. Research shows students addicted to technology and other gadgets have mental and physical distress, fear and confusion when forced to unplug from technology for a whole day.

Is the withdrawal symptom similar to those felt by drug addicts? We are more wired now than ever. Addiction comes when we are constantly checking our gadgets simply because we are curious about what comes next. When was the last time you left your phone at home? Were you anxious you might have missed an important phone call or frustrated that you could not surf the net?

So how do we reduce electronic overload and retain a healthy balance of life, work and technology? Allow yourself a ‘tech’ break. Do something that relaxes you mentally like taking a bath, listening to relaxing music, having a cup of tea in your garden or meditating.

Schedule ‘Tech breaks’ to detox your mind, even if it’s just for a few hours a day.

Set intervals to check email
Stop using smart phones in the bathroom
Turn of your TV – avoid sitting in front of TV when you get home instead sit down and relax
Leave mobile phone when you go for a walk
Socialise with friends and family
Meditate and do Yoga