Dried Mandarin Orange peels

Sun dried Mandarin Orange peels (known as Chenpi meaning aged peel) have been used in Chinese cooking for hundreds of years. The Chinese herbalists use the ‘aged peel’ as a medicine for numerous disorders. It is commonly used to treat indigestion, diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, hiccups, nausea, vomiting and wet coughs (excessive phlegm in the lungs). In addition to this, it is also believed to enhance the flow of liquids through the body.

Let’s add some flavour and healing actions to our diet:

Citrus goes well with many herbs, so make your own spice rubs to enhance just about anything – potatoes, mushrooms, chicken, lamb etc.
Add the ground peel when preparing your desserts or baked goodies.
Blend your green tea with dried Mandarin Orange peels to infuse refreshing and sweet citrus flavour.
Dried peels can be directly added to soups, broth or to water when cooking rice or lentils.
The powdered peel would add a punch of flavour to mandarin orange curd.
Lemon, orange and tangerine peels all could easily be turned into delicious bites of sugary treats.
One Chinese folk tale states that Mandarin Oranges (Tangerines) are considered auspicious and symbolise wealth and good fortune when given as gifts during Chinese New Year. For newlyweds, a pair of this golden fruit represents the branching of the couple into a family with many children. Mandarin oranges with leaves intact ensure that one’s relationship with the other remains secure.