Eco friendly pesticides

Here are some old fashioned natural pesticides which are environmentally friendly and budget friendly too. Remember to prepare the quantity you require according to the ratios given and use it within 8 hours of preparation.
1. Milk – Any milk diluted with water makes a good fungicide. Mix the two, pour into a hand-sprayer bottle and use it to control mildew.
i) 1 milk: 8 water

2. Soft soap – Ordinary liquid soap has insecticidal properties, dissolve in water and spray on plants to control aphids, mildew and white flies. Make sure you do not use detergents, or any products with degreasers, moisturisers, or additional chemicals.
i) 20ml soft soap
ii) 1L water
iii) 1tsp cider vinegar

3. Organic Insecticide: Chop two large onions, two hot chillies, one garlic clove and 3 soap nuts. Boil them in a cup of water for 6-7 minutes and let it cool overnight. Strain the liquid to make a concentrate. If you do not have soap nuts add 1 tbsp soft soap to the concentrate. To use as an all-round insecticide spray, mix to the following ratio
I) 10ml concentrate
II) 1L water

4. Neem oil – Its 100% natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Neem oil has numerous used but gardeners prefer to use it for its antifungal and pesticide properties.
I) 5ml Neem oil
II) 2ml soft soap
III) 1L water
How to prepare – First mix the soft soap to the water and then slowly stir in the neem oil.