Fresh air to the Chinese elite

China is the world’s biggest polluter of carbon emissions. So much so that Beijing has recently issued a level four red alert (the highest possible) as recently as December stating that the air has become hazardous to breathe. The alert means that some factories and all schools were forced to close.

There are some including Leo De Watts who have taken advantage of this by selling fresh ‘British’ air to the Chinese elite. Mr Watts has been collecting fresh air from the British countryside and ships it to Shanghai and Beijing for approximately $160 AUD per jar. His website states ““Aethaer (The air) is filtered organically by nature as it flows between the leaves of woodland trees, absorbs pristine water as it passes over babbling brooks and forest streams.” Some of those who are buying the product simply purchase it for the novelty value. Although this idea is novel and may well be part of a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, it undermines any efforts of governments to ensure long term pollution free air.