Handwriting style

It seems as though many are choosing to type instead of write using a pen and paper. It’s easier to do but we sometimes forget that handwriting leaves its own fingerprint and style. The way you write can say a lot about you and who you are whether you use cursive writing, large or small letters or even if it is italicised. Next time you choose to write a sentence, pay attention to these factors. They might say a lot more about you than you think.

Italicised or slanted to the right – You are friendly, sentimental and impulsive
Slanted to the left – You prefer to work with things over people, introspective and reserved.
Big Letters – You want to feel understood and noticed, people oriented.
Small letters – You have a strong focus and concentration, introspective.
Connected letters – You are logical, methodical and make decisions carefully
Not connected – You are intelligent and intuitive.
Pointed letters – Aggressive, intense and curious
Rounded letters – Creative and artistic