Hoverboards are here!

Perhaps the best invention the many science fiction movies have produced has now become a reality. Hendo, an enterprise started by engineers Greg and Jill Henderson have come up with what they term as a viable prototype for hoverboards. They have even submitted a demonstration via YouTube with both an adult and child testing out the board on the inside of a halfpipe. The ‘Hendo’ floats using four hover engines to create a magnetic bubble between the board and ground. The board itself will be priced at $10,000 however the biggest drawback is it can only currently hover over non-ferromagnetic surfaces such as copper plating.

They do acknowledge that Hendo Hoverboards are in need of some work and in time expect that they will be able to float on any service. In the mean time they are extending their technology to the public by selling ‘Developer’s kits’ for $299 which provides hover technology to give options to test and experiment it on other objects. They hope to lead the way for hover technology to lead to cars and even buildings in the future because as Greg Henderson says in the video “You no longer need to be a scientist in a lab to be part of building the future.”