"I don't"

I recently came across this interesting article in Daily Telegraph by Linda Kelsey and wanted to share her views. The article was reported on 20 May 2016 and the headline read “I don’t”: Why older women have fallen out of love with remarriage.

marriageA recent survey in the US showed that after divorce or the death of a spouse, men are more open to the notion of remarriage than women. Almost two thirds of the men said they would want or would consider remarriage whereas less than half of women would.

As women become more economically independent it’s hardly surprising they don’t have the same need for a husband, or even a live-in partner, especially as they still bear the brunt of looking after the home. Is it possible that men become more romantic as they age, and women less? Or simply that men just don’t cope as well when there’s no woman around to look after them?

Another reason, I believe, why men are more keen to settle down and remarry after widowhood and divorce is that their support networks aren’t as good as women’s.

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