Lake Hillier (Pink Lake)

Lake Hillier is situated in Cape Arid near the southern coast of Western Australia. Cape Arid is famous for its complex of islands that are almost 100 in number. These islands together make up the Recherche Archipelago. This lake is located on the largest of the islands named Middle Island. The most notable feature of this lake is its flamboyant colour pink.

The Pink Lake Hillier was discovered by British explorer Captain Mathew Flinders in 1802. The lake is surrounded by lush green forests of eucalyptus trees and a narrow strip of sand dunes that divide it from the blue coloured water of the Indian Ocean. The pink colour of this lake is still a mystery. This colour does not change even after the water is bottled. Some researchers claim that it is because of the low level of nutrients whereas others say that the pink colour is because of the algae and bacteria present in the water. Few speculate that the salt present in the lake’s water contains red coloured halophilic bacteria that gives a pink shade to the water.

The only way to view this lake is from the air or to explore the islands and the rich wildlife of the Recherche Archipelago on a cruise. Lake Hillier is truly one of the most mysterious natural wonder of Australia.