Lemon Detox

Recently, I came across the word detox in few of the health magazines. The word ‘detox’ is a mystery for many like me. It is the short form for the word ‘detoxification’ meaning it removes toxic substances from the body and enhances the healing process.

The practice of detoxifying the body has been around for centuries. As we know many religious groups use fasting as a way to purify their body and spirit.

Our body is designed to eliminate toxins naturally. The organs in charge (liver, lungs, colon, kidney and the skin) are overwhelmed at times. They have difficulty coping with the high volume of toxins accumulated over time. This may be because of the way we live, what we eat and the environment we are surrounded in. Today, we are reliant on processed food, harsh cleaning chemicals, microwave, cell phones and much more and not to forget the stress we experience on a daily basis.

The main principle behind detoxification is to simply boost these natural defences and help flush out the toxins from our body. A better and safe way to detox is to do it slowly over time using natural foods, supplements and positive lifestyle practices rather than to follow ‘quick fix’ methods such as over the counter products which do more harm than good.

Lemon is a natural detoxify. It hydrates, detoxifies and oxygenates the body so it feel’s refresh and energised. It purifies the skin and helps it glow. A simple drink made from lemon juice mixed with honey in warm water helps detox (get rid of impurities from) the body.

An excellent drink yet so simple!

1 glass warm water
1 tsp honey
1tbsp squeeze of fresh lemon

Mix the above, sit back and enjoy the drink first thing in the morning. Lemon detox is the most inexpensive and convenient detoxifier.
Did you know Mahatma Gandhi started his day with honey and lemon water? He drank this concoction six times a day and weighed not more than 50kg.