Letter to Santa in 70 years

Builders in Berkshire, England have found a letter written to Santa over 70 years ago stuck in a chimney. The owner David Haylock, 78, was still residing in the area albeit at a different residence and was surprised to have the letter returned. Of the letter, he said “I can remember bending down with my mother and putting it up the chimney, and waiting for the draught to take it up”. He also said that his grandchildren were amazed at the discovery because they now email Santa for presents. “Seeing as it’s taken more than 70 years for the letter to get to Father Christmas, I think email is probably the best way,” he added.

Mr Haylock asked for a drum, a box of chalk sticks, soldiers and Indians, slippers, a silk tie, a pencil box and “any toys you have to spare”. The builder who made the discovery Lewis Shaw returned the letter and presented the specified gifts to Mr Haylock along with his letter. With his own two children asking for Ipads for Christmas, Mr Shaw said “”It just shows how much we take things for granted these days”.