Lucky bamboo

Although the name suggests it is a member of the bamboo family, lucky bamboo is in fact part of the lily plant group. In Chinese, it is known as ‘Fu Gwey Zhu’. Fu means Rich or wealth, Gwey means power or honour and Zhu carries the meaning of bamboo. It is native to Africa however it is also found in south eastern Asia.

The Lucky Bamboo plant is commonly associated with Feng Shui or the bringing of balance between natural elements. It is believed to spread tranquilizing vibes in its environment.

According to Chinese tradition the number of stalks in the bamboo plant determines the kind of energy it attracts into your home and life. For example three or six stalks imply happiness, five or seven stalks for health, eight stalks for prosperity and nine stalks for good fortune. Four stalks are always avoided as the word for four in Chinese sounds like the word for death.

Lucky bamboo flourishes in vases filled with water and requires indirect light. It is an ideal low maintenance indoor plant.