Made in Italy

Italy has a world famous artisanal culture. When one thinks of ‘Made in Italy’, we may think of high end fashion accessories like handbags or clothing or even traditional pizza or pasta. It is part of an entrepreneurial spirit that has played a vital role in the country’s image to the world. Despite this, the Italian economy is struggling with youth unemployment at 35%. On top of that, a recent report has highlighted that Italy was ranked last in a recent report on average wage when entering into full time work after study. This pushes many to try their luck elsewhere but there are some who choose to stay and rediscover their roots instead.

People under 35 have taken to farming and working in agriculture to an increase by 9.1% from 2013. With the attitude that “if nothing else, a farmer can at least have food on the table”, they believe their new found stability can give them a safety net they may not otherwise have had. Guido Pallini (pictured) threw in his job in banking selling contracts and ‘a lot of hot air’ to return to his father’s farm to turn buffalo milk into fine cheeses. For him, it isn’t just about embracing tradition but adding some innovation to it too. Though the economy is still taking time to recover, the new found confidence among the new entrepreneurs is multiplied by the importance of knowing that they better understand their own country and contribute to its identity.