Maida Burfi

Try this out this Sankranthi, an easy to make festive sweet.
Maida (Plain flour) 1 cup
Milk powder – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 3/4 cup
Ghee – 1/4 cup
Water – 1/2 cup
Raisins – few
Dried Apricots – few (chopped)
Almond flakes – few
Cardamom powder – ¼ tsp
Food colour (optional)

In a heavy base pan heat 3tsp ghee and fry maida till nice aroma comes. Remove it on to a plate.
In the same pan combine water and sugar and let it boil till you get 1 string consistency. Add the colour, cardamom powder and remaining ghee and mix well. Switch off the flame. Mix roasted maida and milk powder and add this to the syrup little by little stirring continuously to prevent any lump formation. Add raisins, dried apricots and almond flakes and mix well. Put the pan back on flame and stir the mixture for 5-10 minutes or till it leaves the sides of the vessel. Immediately transfer on to a greased plate and let it cool. Cut to desired shape and serve.