More alike than it seems

Followers of Islam and Hinduism find many reasons to show respect to the other in India. Despite tensions with regard to terrorism and religious differences, there have been many accounts of friendliness and generosity between both groups. Here is a list of a few prominent examples to show us that we are more alike than it would seem at first.

1. For Ugadi every year, Muslims in Devunikadapa in Kadapa town, Andhra Pradesh Kadapa templevisit Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Swamy temple to offer prayers, flowers and food. The belief derives from a story where Bibi Nancharamma, a consort of Vishnu is their daughter and hence Vishnu is their son in law. As a Muslim elder states, they “clean out houses, have bath and keep non-vegetarian diet away on Telugu New Year Day”.

2. Due to a shortage of space at a local mosque, Muslims were given the opportunity to practice Eid (the breaking of the fast) at a Ganapati pandal in Mumbai. After the mosque became overcrowded, approximately 1300 followers offered prayers inside a Ganesh pandal in India’s Colaba area Mumbai. The practice is not new and often occurs when Hindu and Muslim festivities coincide with both sides practicing the other’s festivities.

3. Dozens on Muslim families have also come forward to donate their land for the construction of the largest Hindu temple in the world. The temple which will be located in Bihar is expected to fit 20000 people at once. The Rs.500 crore project would have been delayed without their efforts to resolve the issue.

4. 144250For 13 generations, Muslims in Jodhpur, Rajasthan have been serving as priests in a Durga temple. They perform all the rituals in accordance with Hinduism while performing Namaaz at the same time while catering for all citizens no matter caste or religion. The 80 year old head priest Jamaludin Khan stated that his family had been serving for over 600 years and that “No religion stops you from worshipping gods.”