Sankranti Muggulu

Makara Sankranti is one of the major festivals in Andhra Pradesh. During this 4 day festival women folks decorate their courtyard with patterns made by dripping rice flour. Traditionally muggulu/rangoli patterns grace the entrance of every home, place of worship, religious celebration, marriages and the list goes on. These patterns are usually symmetrical. Its considered auspicious and signifies good luck and prosperity.

In Andhra Pradesh the early morning chores of the lady of the house is to decorate her courtyard with muggulu/rangoli patterns. In festival season these patterns are more elaborate and colourful. This art of tradition is passed on from generation to generation. At one time the ability to draw these patterns was considered very important, that it bought status particularly between daughter in law trying to impress her new mother in law. There’s always are a bit of playful competitions between households.

Even today women decorate the entrance of the house beautifully with muggulu marking the celebration of Sankranti. Keeping the tradition alive many young girls and women take part in the muggulu/rangoli competitions held in various parts of Andhra Pradesh.