Silica Gel - Tarnish free jewellery

Silica gel crystal sachets are found in all sorts of packaging. Silica gel is a porous mineral which absorbs moisture. The manufacturers use this gel to keep goods from spoiling or moulding due to humidity. The silica sachets found in our household purchases are bead like and non-threatening.

It’s quite simple to recycle silica gel sachets. Silver jewellery get tarnished (brown colouration) in no time. So to prevent any discolouring of silver jewellery place a small sachet of silica gel in your jewellery box (moisture adds to tarnish on silver jewellery). If you spot mould on your leather bags or want to remove musty smell from the clothes you don’t wear often, silica sachet is the answer.

Protect your sensitive items from getting damp like the camera, lenses, important documents, photos, seeds, electronic equipment etc. Just throw in silica sachets in your closet, storage unit, toolbox, drawers and camera bags to make sure they stay moisture free.

Dry out your wet mobile by removing battery and memory card and placing it in container filled with silica sachets. Leave overnight before you power it on again.