Smaller mouthfuls

I grew up in a family of two brothers and a sister. During our meals I remember mother shouting at us to stop talking while eating. She always told us to eat small amounts, chew properly and to eat slowly. It maybe for this reason people were healthier those days. Nowadays with our hectic lifestyle we eat on the run resulting in constant state of stress. We end up eating quickly and eating more leading to more calorie intake and poor digestion. Meena Shah Professor in the department of Kinesiology at Texas Christian University, says “slowing the speed of eating may help to lower energy intake and suppress hunger levels and may even enhance the enjoyment of a meal.” A recent study at University Department of Nutrition and Food Science found women ate an average of 70 fewer calories when they ate slow and chewed each bite thoroughly. Slow eating allows your body to recognise that you are full. It helps you eat less and be more satisfied with fewer calories. So take time to enjoy food and be mindful of the food you eat, as it is associated with eating less. Include high fibre food like whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Forget about new ways to lose calories. Focus on slowing down the pace of eating, enjoy the tastes and chew well.