Soft plastic recycle

Soft plastic recycle

Soft plastic refers to the plastics that can be ‘scrunched up’ in your hands. They usually end up in your rubbish bin rather than the recycling bin. Soft plastics include bread bags, grocery bags, frozen vegetables packaging, biscuit wrappers, chips packets, straws, netting citrus bags, stickers on produce, bubble wraps, cling film, potting mix bags and plastic line attaching the tag to new clothing.


Thanks to the REDcycle program, soft plastics can now be recycled. Many supermarkets like Coles and Safeway have drop off bins near the checkouts. Simply collect up all the soft plastics that can’t be recycled at home, and then drop them into the REDcycle collection bins at participating supermarkets. Make sure your plastic is dry and as empty as possible.

The REDcycle Program is a voluntary organisation that has teamed up with Coles, Woolworth and some other Australian brands to reduce the amount of plastic packaging going to landfill.

What to Redcycle:-
· Bread, pasta and rice bags
· Cereal box liners
· Biscuit packets
· Frozen food bags
· Ice cream wrappers
· Squeeze pouches
· Plastic sachets
· Bubble wrap
· Chocolate and muesli bar wrappers
· Silver-lined chip and cracker packets
· Confectionery bags
· Fresh produce bags
· Netting citrus bags
· Polypropylene bags
· Plastic film from grocery items like nappies and toilet paper
· Courier satchels
· Newspaper and magazine wrap
· Sturdy pet food bags
· Plastic bags from boutique/department stores
· Large sheets of plastic that furniture comes wrapped in (cut into pieces the size of an A3 sheet of paper first)

For more information visit Redcycle.