Soup Can Pavilion

In 2008 Israel’s Bat Yam, a shelter was made out of reused soup cans to create a honeycomb like structure. The artists Lihi, Roee and Galit built the Soup Can Pavilion, which is held up by a supporting framework of metal rods and the tin cans used are open at both ends.


They stated that the challenge was to create a space where people can identify with the public space while relating to it as if it were their own living room. The artists built the structure for the International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism which seeks to discuss and transform the city into a better place to live. It makes use of the transitional public space before a construction project is set to begin while bestowing “a sense of the exotic…[which is] practically transparent to street traffic, sheds a new and different light on the space and reveals its latent potential.”