Street art and Coronavirus

During this COVID-19 global pandemic, we have found many ways to mark the COVID-19 pandemic from recognising our health workers to making sure we stay safe, at home and remain connected online. Graffiti artists have provided us another platform to do just this and we have found some of the best examples from around the world to share with you:

#1 – The artist known as ‘Fake’ created this Super Nurse as an ode to all healthcare workers. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

#2 The next one is a play on the ‘toilet paper’ craze. It shows the Lord of the Rings character Gollum entranced by a toilet roll which he calls ‘My precious’. The artist is ‘EME Freethinker’ and the art is displayed in Berlin, Germany.

#3 The next depicts a smuggler of sorts who is offering hope and humanity rather than anything illicit. It is by Corie Mattie in Los Angeles, USA.

#4 On the wall of a hospital in Bergamo in Italy, a health professional is seen holding the country of Italy (outlined in red) and the Italian flag beneath. The words say ‘To all of you…thank you!’