Sunnundalu or Urad dal ladoo is a popular and healthy sweet of Andhra Pradesh. Generally given to kids to boost their energy and memory power. The word Sunnundalu takes me back to the good old days as a kid. As kids, my siblings and I loved it but it was my brother’s favourite. Today as I was preparing these ladoos I got lost in my thoughts. I remember my grandma preparing them when we visited her in summer vacations. As the holidays came to an end she would pack the ladoos and also pack the roasted flour of Minappa sunnu or Urad dal. This made it easy for my maa.

A tradition recipe as prepared by my grandma.

250 gms Urad dal roasted flour
220 gms granular sugar
125 gms ghee

In a large mixing bowl add roasted Urad dal flour, sugar and melted ghee (medium hot). Mix well. Now try making a ladoo by pressing the mixture in hand and making a round shape. If they appear brittle you may need to add 2-3 tsp warm ghee.

Store in an air tight container.