The sophisticated

We all understand that communication is vital to go about our daily lives. Whether it is to self sustain, maintain or create new things we are all required to communicate with others as to our needs and wants. Our lives revolve around many other individuals, systems and other beings that we take little care or notice of. This is because we are set in a routine pattern in what and what not to do according to our own priorities. Animals especially pets are a common integer among our lives that are often communicated with selectively and their whole range of receptive skills are not utilised to their very best.

When we talk to our pets or animals in general, we often have stock standard commands that we tell them to comply with. Even more so, they are often given a carrot or a stick approach which enforces behaviours by association. This is a limitation to the way we can expect them to behave and does not do them justice. Animals in the past have shown extraordinary resilience or understanding to our needs whether it is sadness, happiness, anger and much more. Although it is much more difficult to give understanding of your full situation to a pet, they are capable of understanding your emotions and the tone of your voice even if you cannot define it so they understand. In this sense, they are more like young children as they seek to find ways to console you although the situation may go over their heads. When this understanding is applied and we speak to them as equals whether it be telling them about our day or our current thoughts, they are especially amenable. This is because they have a more continuous flow of dialogue that they can identify and respond to in a favourable manner. It is the same in the case of a friend with whom you have become close to. They are well aware of your situation as you speak frequently and they can begin to understand your attitude and feelings before you having explained yourself.

Animals are commonly thought of as beings that have lower intelligence and are treated as such. When we begin to involve them as we would other friends and family, we empower them to act in their own good will. The constant support and loyalty of a pet can be highly beneficial. The alternative of course is to obstruct their growth by giving them simple ‘Sit’, ‘Here’ and ‘Fetch’ commands. This does not let them naturally adapt to the boundaries we have set out for them except to cater for basic functions. Animals are highly sophisticated creatures that have the ability to surprise us just as we tend to surprise ourselves. They have the ability to make us feel whole in times of stress and worry with constant companionship and respect.