Unique jobs by country

There are always things that are peculiar and unique to each country. In some cases, there are jobs that are only found at certain destinations that perform functions like nowhere else in the world. For example, one unique role is the Mumbai ‘’ who delivers your daily lunch from home to work. We made a short list of other unique jobs that fly under the radar but are nonetheless unique to each nation.

1. Moroccan water sellers – In popular tourist spots, colourfully clothed water sellers in traditional Berber dress provide water from camel leather bags into copper cups. Normally found adorned with brass and bells, they traditionally fetched water from distant wellsprings on the outskirts of the city and served them to thirsty desert travellers.
Morocco water seller

2. Venetian gondolier – Dating back to the 11th century, gondolas are small flat bottomed boats that act as the taxis of the river paved city of Venice, Italy. Despite the long history, the first female gondolier only achieved her licence in 2010. Though they were estimated to have had up to 10000 during the 17th and 18th centuries, they now number over 400.


3. Iranian licence plate blockers – In Iran’s capital Tehran, pedestrians can be employed to block a car’s licence plate. blockerDue to heavy traffic and pollution, restrictions are placed on when cars with odd and even numbered licence plates can enter the central zone. By employing these individuals, cars can then conceal their licence plate and avoid a fine.

4. Nepal’s hanging honey collectors – In Nepal’s rural villages, honey hunters look for honey on steep cliffs. They hang themselves from cliffs as high as 300 metres using bamboo ladders and hemp ropes while harvesting honey made by the world’s largest honey bees. The well earned honey takes 2-3 hours to harvest depending on the hive’s location and size.