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An interesting article published in Rediff.com by Sanjeev Nayyar on 27 May 2016 titled “Why Amma’s canteen must be replicated nationwide.”


Here is the menu at Amma Canteen:
• Morning Tiffin: Idli with sambar Rs 1, Pongal Rs 5.
• Lunch: Sambar/lemon/curry rice Rs 5, curd rice for Rs 3.
• Dinner: Chapati with dal or kurma Rs 3.
Can you dream of having a wholesome meal for Rs 8 anywhere else in India? Cynics might say that Amma has used these schemes to promote herself. But if I were a poor labourer who barely gets a square meal a day, or a middle-class person reeling under high pulse prices, would I care?

amma-canteenTakeaways from Amma Canteen scheme:
• The poorest of the poor can have a filling meal within Rs 17-20 per day.
• Each centre provides employment to twelve ladies so supplements family income.
• It reduces pilferage as subsidy is given at the last point — on consumption of food and not at the first — in the form of food grains.
• Socially it breaks barriers of religion, community and economic status.

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– Sanjeev Nayyar, Rediff.com